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AXISS ERP is an integrated school management system which focuses on excellence and evolution in the field of Education. To acheive this, AXISS ERP is flexible and innovates the new trends in education management. AXISS ERP is a diverse, demanding, and high quality educational management system where every user can discover and realize their potential to achieve overall development.
Orient FrontDesk
Orient FrontDesk Professional is a state-of-the-art solution which has whole range of integrated modules embedded in it to cover every aspect of hotel/property management. The professional version of Orient FrontDesk is widely accepted worldwide due to its modern architecture and its easy-to-use interface.
PADOMAS™ is the leading electronic signature application for sending, signing, tracking, and storing documents. It is a highly cost-effective system that supports automation of approval and all documentation including policies, procedures, contracts, memos, honorariums, memorandums and forms.

PADOMAS Olympus is now available on Web Platform!

RIMS-eGOV® is an easy-to-use and cost effective solution which Governments can use to provide a high-level of customer-service while increasing operation efficiency and the satisfaction of the governments. Secure and reliable, the system includes property information, online payment options, access to recorded documents, and integrated GIS functionality at a fraction of the cost that most jurisdictions can achieve.
Orient Inventory
Orient Inventory, part of the Orient Professional Suite is used in managing and tracking your store/inventory activities. With Orient Inventory, you can keep track of all your items and easily plan for procurement or ordering as the needs arises.
Orient ARMS
Orient Accounting and Records Management Systems (ARMS), part of the Orient Professional Suite manages every and all the accounting activities of your organisation. It can be delop as a stand-alone product or as an integrated module in Orient Professional Suite. With Orient ARMS, you are one-step ahead of your colleagues when it comes to accounting data entry and preparation of your account reports. Among your realtime reports is the General Ledger Report, Profit and Loss Report, Trial Balance Report and ultimately the Balance Sheet Report. All this reports are real-time.
The best PoS application in the market, TelliMart is an integrated stand-alone application that can be used at any point of sales for the monitoring of sales operation. Its uses can be found in the Restaurant, Bar, Laundry Shop, Pharmacy, Supermarket etc.
TelliMart was designed to be compatible with touch-screen monitor thereby making it easy to operation when used on Touchscreen monitors.
TelliMart possess a built-in inventory, stock monitoring, item controlling and accounting modules. You will find TelliMart the best for your operation.
With TelliSync, you can now access the inventory and sales operation performed in your store remotely via TelliMart online portal.
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